Prohibited rules Smile in Photo SIM Finally Removed

Prohibited rules Smile in Photo SIM Finally Removed Residents of Virginia, United States (US) are now allowed to take pictures with a smile expression for Driving License (SIM) them.

According to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) as reported in The Washington Post, the advancement of technology is a major cause of this rule change.

Earlier, in 2009, the relevant authorities say that the driver must have a neutral expression on their photo. At that time, the reason they are so that the use of software verification through the photos can be easily done.

"But now, the technology is advancing so neutral expression is no longer necessary," said DMV spokesman.

Currently, the facial recognition software can now analyze the details such as the chin, eyebrow shape, texture, line jawbone, corners of the mouth, until the shape of the eye. In fact, this sat a 3D face model person has been able to be made.

This policy change led to various comments. Ginger Edwards in Facebook said the old rules makes such detention. "Thank you, there will be no ID terrible for me," he said.

To update the photo on the SIM, Virginia residents can pay US $ 20 or approximately USD 272 thousand. As for the manufacture of a new driver's license, the relevant authorities pegged the administrative costs of US $ 10 .